Flourishing with all the fundamentals.

Jefferson County offers all the fundamental elements for robust cross-sector success, for manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, and agriculture as well as enterprises engaged in support of outdoor recreation and heritage, outdoor and eco-tourism.

A strategic location networked with a wealth of powerful logistical options puts business just an hour from Washington, D.C., allowing rapid cost-effective access to major Eastern markets. Whether transit involves raw goods or manufactured and agricultural products, Jefferson County operations are poised for rapid receiving and delivery. Also, as home to the headquarters and midpoint of the Appalachian Trail, central to some of the nation’s most consequential historic sites, Jefferson County is well positioned for companies catering to outdoor enthusiasts and to heritage, outdoor and eco-visitors.

Rapid recruitment and higher performance is assured by a workforce of impressive size—2.5 million within 50 miles—driven by a superior combination of skill, education and attitude. While manufacturers and advanced manufacturers can draw from the high-knowledge labor pool of the Mid-Atlantic Corridor, workforce quality is also reinforced by the area’s responsive workforce training, even as an engrained work ethic, thanks in part to Jefferson’s deep agricultural heritage, is reflected in a labor participation rate higher than both the state and national averages.

Available acreage in prime locations creates operational advantages and opportunity. With nearly 67,000 acres engaged in productive agriculture—the second largest number of acres in West Virginia—Jefferson County also offers competitively priced industrial acreage and sites, some in Opportunity Zones.

Pro-business advantages and leadership makes Jefferson County a stand-out in business-friendly West Virginia, offering an exceptional degree of support through tailored incentives and tax advantages, along with vital connections and access that can make a transformational impact on business success.


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