Testimonial Videos

Click to play Automated Merchandising Systems video.

Automated Merchandising Systems

Greg Mason, Sr. VP of Production and Operations for AMS, is pleased that AMS has 35 years of investment in Jefferson County. 

Click to play DALB, Inc. video.

DALB, Inc.

Kevin Steeley, president of DALB INC., is pleased to be invested in Jefferson County.

Click to play Devils Due Distillery video.

Devils Due Distillery

Wylie McDade, owner of Devil's Due, outlines the local supply chain he utilizes for his moonshine.

Click to play Shenandoah Planing Mill video.

Shenandoah Planing Mill

Amanda McDaniel, Co-Owner of Shenandoah Planning Mill, explains how she has been successful as a business owner and maintaining a family in Jefferson County. 

Click to play James Rumsey Technical Institute video.

James Rumsey Technical Institute

Donna Van Metre, director of JRTI, outlines the regional collaboration for workforce development.

Click to play Site Selector John Smolack video.

Site Selector John Smolack

Sanford Holshouser Economic Development Consulting, LLC, discusses the Jefferson County advantage.

Click to play Sean Fiego Testimonial video.

Sean Fiego Testimonial

Sean Fiego, Past President of the Jefferson County Development Board, discusses the many advantages and incentives available.

Click to play Steve Stolipher Testimonial video.

Steve Stolipher Testimonial

Steve Stolipher, Jefferson County Commissioner, discusses his role as a liason to the JCDA.

Click to play David Asam Testimonial video.

David Asam Testimonial

David Asam, Co-Owner of the Bavarian Inn Resort and Brewing Company, talks about the friendly people, quality of life, and job training in Jefferson County


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