Why we’re always on the job and up to the task in Jefferson County.

Four critical facts about the Jefferson County workforce:

  1. Our workforce likes to learn, with 39.1% of County residents holding an associate’s degree or higher.
  2. Our workforce likes to work: The Jefferson County labor participation rate of 66% is above both the state and national average.
  3. Our workforce is sized and composed for any business or project, drawn from a labor pool of 2.5 million within 50 miles. This colossal cohort brings diversity and determination, allowing us to run everything from farms to the U.S. Coast Guard Operations Center, to deliver products across the nation and services that keep the national, state and local economies running strong. Our success stretches across sectors, from agriculture, light industry and distribution to business services.
  4. Our workforce has the right skills. Three centuries ago, farmers here sharpened their tools regularly; today Jefferson County workers sharpen their skills with just as much dedication but now with cutting-edge training and resources, such as:
    • High-performing K-12 schools, including top-ranked high schools and JC School system.
    • Blue Ridge Community and Technical College's Jumpstart dual enrollment program, allowing Jefferson County high school students to get a head start on college through transferable coursework.
    • Blue Ridge CTC’s abundant and aligned career training opportunities, made available through a range of associate degrees, certificate and certification programs, as well as fast-track career advancement programs.
    • James Rumsey Technical Institute’s career resources, including both high school and adult programming.

An agile, skilled and eager workforce is one reason job growth rate in Jefferson County outpaced both state and national rates from 2013 to 2018. Business feels at home here, knowing that operations are in good hands with Jefferson County workers. Rooted in tradition and ready for tomorrow’s challenges, our workforce is your strategic advantage.


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