Sean Fiego, President of the Jefferson County Development Board, discusses the many advantages and incentives available.

Steve Stolipher, Jefferson County Commissioner, discusses his role as a liason to the JCDA.

The JCDA Board of Directors is composed of the following appointed Jefferson County business people:

  • Sean Feigo, President, Citizen Representative
  • Gino Sisco, Vice President, Bolivar Representative
  • Todd Coyle, Secretary, Treasurer, City of Charles Town
  • Neil McLaughlin, Citizen Representative
  • Steve Stolipher, Jefferson County Commission
  • Darah Kehnemuyi, Citizen Representative
  • Edward Love, Harpers Ferry Representative
  • Greg Mason, Industry Representative
  • Kurk Turney, Labor Representative
  • Jason Gore, City of Ranson
  • James Gatz, Town of Shepherdstown
  • Bryan Jones, Business Representative
  • Tara Orndorff Business Representative

Access the meeting agendas and minutes of the JCDA Board of Directors here.


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