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Kevin Steeley, President of DALB INC., is pleased to be invested in Jefferson County.

DALB, Inc.

It was only a small sign company when it began in Jefferson County in 1982 as a four-person team producing light plastic sign faces and pressurized vinyl decals. Today, DALB has grown into a nationally leading and vertically integrated printing and thermoforming company with 170 employees operating in a 125,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility. Image creation, product assembly, engineering, R&D and creative services are all performed under one roof, creating a diverse array of products and serving markets from OEM to entertainment and experience.DALB has expanded 9 times since opening, each expansion supported by critical assistance from Jefferson County Development Authority and driven by crucial location advantages.

For companies like DALB and other manufacturers, Jefferson County offers:

  • Proximity to major markets, logistics for faster reach: While DALB has several key customers inside the County, Jefferson County’s strategic location puts Washington, D.C. within an hour’s drive and major Eastern markets within a 5-hour drive or less. Deliver rapidly and cost-efficiently with a choice of interstate highway, rail and nearby global port and international air connections.
  • Lower labor costs, higher labor quality: Jefferson County workers just don’t quit—that’s a fact. The average tenure for DALB workers is 14 years, and Jefferson County’s workforce participation rate is higher than both the state and the national average. And business enterprise is in good hands with educated and highly skilled labor up for any challenge and a workforce size—2.5 million inside 50 miles—to assure a nonstop pipeline.
  • Lower operating costs, lower costs of living: Utilities costs that are significantly lower than surrounding areas keep operations running strong, while lower costs of living and higher living quality are potent advantages in recruitment and retention.
  • Incentives specially made for manufacturing success: While Jefferson County welcomes manufacturing with advantages like favorable property tax structures and fast track permitting, West Virginia also supports manufacturing with a scaled-up selection of incentives including: Credits for manufacturing inventory and investment, manufacturing sales tax exemption and sales tax exemption for qualified warehousing and distribution centers. See our Incentives page for more.


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