Statement from TeMa CEO

October 3, 2018

I consider earth the home for all living beings and things in nature and have full respect for the opinions of those who wish to take care of the environment. I truly wish to avoid problems and incorrect interpretations; therefore, I would like to inform the Jefferson County community about our presence in the county, for which I have full respect of the laws and rules and share an appreciation for the beauty of this blessed land.

TeMa - acronym of "Technologies and Materials" - was founded in 1993 in Italy and is characterized by an TeMa North America logoinnovative approach and modern solutions. TeMa Corporation is a structured organization, capable of guaranteeing aesthetically pleasing landscaping solutions, with high safety, maintenance and drainage performances, in the residential, civil and large-scale works sectors.

The company has been focused on extending its business offer by developing new products, penetrating new markets and, last but not least, taking care of the environment and the safety of the employees working in its plants. These important strategic choices have made TeMa a global company and have created the conditions for its internationalization. In addition to Italy, TeMa now has production facilities in Spain, Turkey, Romania, and Russia.

Years ago, we were invited by the West Virginia Development Office to invest in Jefferson County in the Burr Business Park, an area dedicated for local industrial and commercial development. Currently, we are building a $10 million, state-of-the-art facility in the business park, which will be our first manufacturing operation in North America. When finished, we will employ 30 people at the 42,000-square-foot facility, producing insulation and drainage systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses such as erosion control, soil reinforcement, aqua control, and green roofs.

TeMa North America LLC could be considered a green company, as our production processes have a very low environmental impact. We do not pollute the air, water or soil. The components of all products do not contain toxic substances for humans or for the environment.

We have energy-efficient production plants. Our production cycles are only supplied with electrical power, without the use of any mineral oil/gas or coal. Before recirculating our emissions into the environment, we filter our air emissions. We optimize the logistic system to speed up deliveries and to reduce vehicle pollution.

We organize our industrial production to keep our waste to a minimum. We produce most of our products with post-consumer recycled materials (plastic bottles). We design product application systems to minimize site waste, and most of our plastic wastes are internally recycled.

Today, TeMa can count on latest-generation plants entirely designed, created and implemented by its industrial team to develop its new products, ensure workers' safety and minimize environmental impact. TeMa is part of the IWIS group, well known for its commitment in research and environmental solutions, and are internationally certified by SGS with ISO 14001/2004.

Tonj Ciotti

CEO of TeMa North America LLC


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