Public Service Commission of WV Approves Mountaineer Gas Local Expansion

November 21, 2016

The Eastern Panhandle will see natural gas service expanded to unserved and underserved areas as a result of the Mountaineer Gas Infrastructure Replacement and Expansion Plan (IREP) recently approved byMiuntaineer Gas.png the Public Service Commission (PSC) of West Virginia. The IREP provides for projects to replace, upgrade, and expand natural gas distribution service throughout the State that are deemed just and reasonable and in the public's interest.

The approved plan includes allowance for segment one that extends the current distribution line from the end of the existing system north of Martinsburg to north of Berkeley Springs. This extension will provide an alternate source of natural gas in the entire region, as well as additional capacity and service to the communities in the area. Segments two and three are planned for future expansion in Jefferson County and will require additional PSC approval.

Mountaineer Gas has worked closely with state and local elected officials, businesses, and economic development groups for the past few years for a solution to the current limited supply of natural gas for residents and businesses in the Eastern Panhandle. Natural gas is an efficient and low-cost source of energy for residential and commercial use.

Mountaineer Gas will continue to work with landowners to protect not only their property, but significant cultural sites, environmentally sensitive areas and endangered species. The primary mission of Mountaineer Gas is to provide safe, reliable, natural gas to the communities in West Virginia.

Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties continue to see residential, as well as commercial growth, and this expansion will provide both residents and businesses another option for low cost, safe, reliable energy.

Mountaineer Gas is the largest natural gas distribution company in West Virginia, serving more than 220,000 customers, with its corporate headquarters in Charleston, West Virginia.    


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