Kent Cartridge Is Expanding in Jefferson County

April 7, 2016

Kent Cartridge, a leading manufacturer of shotshell ammunition for hunting, sport shooting, and training rounds, is expanding its facility in Kearneysville. The addition will increase the size of the company’s warehousing space to accommodate storage needs.

Construction is underway on a 20,000-square-foot addition to the existing manufacturing/warehousing building. The expansion project also includes a 200,000-gallon water tower required for the site’s fire suppression system due to the manufacturing and storage of applicable materials at the site. Work on the project is expected to be completed in late spring, with a ribbon cutting ceremony planned for sometime in May.

“We take pride in producing high quality shotshells here in West Virginia. Our location here in Jefferson County provides us with good access to nearby major transportation routes, allowing for efficient distribution of our products throughout North America,” said Linda Barnhart, vice president of Kent Cartridge.

Kent Cartridge produces ammunition for the hunting of waterfowl, turkey, upland birds, and target shooting. Currently, the company employs 21 employees in Jefferson County. Once the expansion is completed, two to three additional employees may be hired.

“We’re pleased Kent Cartridge is expanding here in Jefferson County and that we were able to assist and support an existing business with their expansion,” said John Reisenweber, executive director of the Jefferson County Development Authority.

In 1997, Kent Cartridge established its operations by purchasing the Activ Industries factory in Kearneysville. In 1998, the company expanded to Europe with the acquisition of the Gamebore Cartridge Company in Hull, England. The Kent-Gamebore Corporation then formed and now conducts business throughout North America and around the world as an innovative and proven performer in the small arms ammunition industry.

expansion project 03 2016


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