Auto Repair and Performance Shop Opens in Burr Business Park

July 13, 2018

IMG_0660Obsession Performance, an auto repair and performance shop, opened January 1st in the Burr Business Park in Kearneysville. Obsession Performance serves car, jeep, and truck enthusiasts in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and surrounding areas specializing in aftermarket and performance products with a state-of-the-art Dyno for performance testing and diagnostics.

In addition to specializing in aftermarket accessory and performance, the business also offers a full line of general automotive service, repair, and West Virginia state inspections. The 4,800-square-foot facility includes a large open four-bay work area, showroom, lobby/customer waiting area, and an office, and provides ample room for day-to-day general repairs as well as longer term projects such as major enginge enhancements.

"Our aftermarket services target the owner who has that special sports car, jeep, or truck that they love and take pride in making it just a little bit better. I think we can all relate to that; some of us still have that 'special first sports car' or maybe that 'mid-life crisis' that's our baby!", said Scott Quinn, owner of Obession Performance.

Aftermarket accessory and performance products include upgrades to air, cooling, fuel, transmission, suspension, exhaust, and engine systems, as well as accessories such as tires/rims, interior and exterior add-ons, etc..36890853_935271886652029_9089757189119148032_n

Blair Ryman, lead mechanic with Obsession Performance says they've had real success in building a "community feeling" around Dyno performance testing - hosting several high-end performance car clubs and "Dyno Night" events. Similar to a car show, but including showing off your ride on a dynamometer that measures performance such as horsepower and torque. Obsession Performance has a state-of-the-art DynoJet 224xLC.

After working out of a small shop on the family farm for the last several years, Scott decided it was time to turn his passion into a business. After researching the tri-state area and finding no similar companies nearby, he decided to establish a full-time business in Jefferson County. "We decided to stay here. Jefferson County is home, and a good central location. Easy access has allowed us to bring customers from not just the Eastern Panhandle but also Winchester, Frederick, Hagerston, and northern Virginia," he said.

"Obsession Performance is a great addition to the Burr Business Park," said Nic Diehl, executive director of the Jefferson County Development Authority. "It is always exciting to see someone turn something they love into a business. We wish them much success in growing their business here in Jefferson County."

Obsession Performance is located at 422 Steeley Way in Kearneysville. For more information about the company's services and products, call 304-725-7300, email or visit them on Facebook. 


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