Abundant choice. Excellent connections. Incentives with impact.

Whether a site or a building, all properties in Jefferson County come with built-in advantages, starting with the powerful location assets of the Mid-Atlantic Corridor, including:

  • Market proximity, just an hour’s drive from Washington, D.C., with major Eastern markets within a 5-hour drive or less.
  • Fast-moving logistical options in interstate highway and rail, with global ports and international air nearby.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Corridor’s high-value, high-knowledge labor pool, with a workforce of 2.5 million inside 50 miles. Businesses are also assured both skill and commitment in a county where the worker turnover rate is impressively low, and the labor participation rate is well above the state and national averages.

Abundant selection: From federally designated Opportunity Zones like the approximately 120 acre Burr Business Park to the repurposed Middleway Industrial Site to available buildings, Jefferson County has choices ready to be parceled and customized to meet enterprise needs and goals.

Powerful infrastructure: With costs for commercial utilities in Jefferson County running as much as 50% lower than surrounding areas, operations here run powerfully and efficiently. 

High-impact incentives: Move more rapidly to ROI, through incentives that make an impact and through the tailored support of the Jefferson County Development Authority that makes business operations feel welcome and work more efficiently.

A setting for synergy and success: Some of the world’s best and most innovative companies are flourishing here, like DALB, Automated Merchandising Systems and the U.S. Coast Guard Operations Systems Center. Jefferson County has what they need for success, and you’ll find we have the same for your enterprise.


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