JCDA’s September Business Spotlight - Two Rivers Treads

September 29, 2022

Two Rivers Treads (TRT), owned by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, is a shoe store that happens to be much more than a shoe store.  As a lifelong runner, Dr. Mark got interested in medicine because he was always hurt as a runner. This led him to take a keen interest into prevention of disease and injury in a medical culture that relies more on treatment.

TRT is the nation’s first minimalist shoe store with a footwear philosophy of natural footwear. After hosting races in 2009, Dr. Mark noticed more and more people became interested in running, and in turn, seeking advice. He soon realized he couldn’t send people to a traditional running store because he felt the way people were fitted for shoes and the paradigms of more cushion and support were contradictory to developing good running form for lifelong healthy running.  This dilemma was the reason he opened the store and began promoting the less is more platform. “We want the shoe to complement the natural foot function and to do this the shoe needs to be level to the ground, have adequate room for the toes, and not be over supportive. The shoe must allow the foot muscles to function as they were designed” explained Dr. Mark. 

In addition to natural footwear, TRT offers men’s, women’s and kid’s footwear, apparel and accessories all geared toward walking, running, and hiking.  If you visit the TRT website you will also find a vast amount of helpful information including blogs, podcast links, 5k, half marathon and marathon training plans, and a calendar of run/walk events.  Another feature offered is RUNMED, an outreach program that helps make running and walking fun and injury-free for people of all ages, skills, and abilities. The RUNMED fee includes education, assessment, training and footwear recommendations, a personalized plan on how to fix limitations and guidance on health and wellness optimization.

TRT was founded in 2010 and started out in Shepherdstown, WV.  After outgrowing two Shepherdstown locations, they moved to 400 S. Mildred Street in Ranson about 5 years ago.  The Ranson location provided the additional interior space and extra parking needed for the store’s continued growth.  Dr. Mark noted “we love our new home and have been warmly welcomed by the Ranson and Charles Town small business community.” 

The store is staffed with seasoned runners and hikers that have fit thousands of people in footwear that enhances their quality of life. In addition to Dr. Mark, members of the TRT team include Managers, Sales Team Members and a Graphic Artist all promoting the store’s mission of educating and providing awareness of a healthy and active lifestyle.  The store is proud to support many community races and events.  This, in addition to the dedicated team, differentiates TRT from the big box stores and large-scale online retailers.

If you are looking for a running shoe, a hiking boot or just a casual lifestyle shoe, TRT has everything you need to keep your feet happy and healthy so you can perform the activity you love and enjoy.  You might even want to apply for the Thunder Squad Ambassador Program.  What is that you ask, go to their website, and check it out and don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at TRT with any questions.

Jefferson County residents and visitors enjoy an incredible range of recreational activities and outdoor adventures and the JCDA is happy to have local businesses like Two Rivers Treads that support outdoor recreation and a healthy lifestyle. 





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