Business Spotlight February 2023 - Fresh Folded Laundry

March 2, 2023

Have you ever left your house with loads of laundry to do and wished that somehow, when you returned, everything would be magically washed, dried, and folded?  I’m happy to say, this can be your reality and there is no magic needed. Fresh Folded Laundry has you covered.

How can this be, you ask?  Fresh Folded Laundry is now offering the new service of free pick-up and delivery to Charles Town and the surrounding area. You simply leave your dirty laundry for them, they pick it up, process it, professionally package it, and deliver it back to your home the next day. Your order can be made quickly and easily through their website, and everything is done to your specific preferences.  This new and innovative service directly speaks to their motto, “Your Time is Priceless. We’ll Help You Get It Back!”

Fresh Folded Laundry is located at 71-F Jefferson Crossing Way in Charles Town, WV. Owner Brad McGuire and his family moved to Jefferson County fifteen years ago, settling in Charles Town after leaving the Army.  Having six children, Brad and his wife know a thing or two about laundry. The idea for Fresh Folded Laundry came to them when they saw a need in the community for a quality laundering establishment. The doors opened in August 2021 with a crew of six people.  Today, the business has grown to a team of thirteen.

A clean, inviting atmosphere and a customer service-oriented team are just a few of the things that set Fresh Folded Laundry apart from similar businesses.  In addition to the pickup and delivery option, they also offer the option of dropping off and picking up for laundering services. “We allow busy people and families an escape from a never-ending chore while saving countless hours of time and stress each week” explains Brad.  While a bright, clean, fully self-serve laundromat is available, it is the service side that keeps Brad on his toes. “We continue to seek opportunities to work with other businesses to help streamline their laundry processes for them” notes Brad.

Bringing their business idea to life involved crafting a strong business plan, creating an engaging website, joining organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and self-marketing through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  Still, Brad realizes that many in the community are unaware of the laundry service options Fresh Folded Laundry provides.  Brad explains “even though we have been around a year and a half, I don’t think people know that they can escape laundry, forever!”

Finding an area that is severely lacking and filling that need is the strategy Brad used when creating his business concept. Brad’s advice to other entrepreneurs, “Simply – do it. There is a certain level of risk involved in taking those steps, but it is a rewarding process to establish and grow something, especially when it can aid and be of service to the community.”

The JCDA thanks Brad and his family for opening their business here in Jefferson County. To learn more about everything Fresh Folded Laundry has to offer, visit their website and their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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