Jefferson County Development Authority

Full service. Full circle.

To understand the work of the Jefferson County Development Authority, it’s easiest to envision a circle—a virtuous circle, in which the right kind of business growth and success leads to more resources invested in the community, which leads to better schools and amenities and a higher standard of living for residents, which in turn helps attract the kind of business that will continue to enhance our community.

And at the center of that circle is JCDA. Our mission is to attract and retain business and industry in order to facilitate job creation and capital investment. To achieve those goals and to support growth, we provide assistance that includes, but is by no means limited to: The development of sites and available building stock; the strengthening and alignment of the workforce talent pipeline; the identification and procurement of funding resources; and the provision of any other services as needed to help businesses thrive here in Jefferson County.

In our business attraction and retention efforts we make business and industry feel welcome here and feel at home. And when those businesses flourish here, that raises our standard of living and makes Jefferson County a better home for all residents.

2021-2022 Year in review


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