Outdoor Recreation

Where history and nature converge, more meaningful experiences and relationships.

David Asam, Co-Owner of the Bavarian Inn Resort and Brewing Company, talks about the friendly people, quality of life, and job training in Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, history and nature come together, often in majestic ways, creating outdoor recreational experiences that are not only more abundant, but are also more deeply felt and meaningful, drawing people again and again to explore attractions such as:

  • Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park. The history at Harper’s Ferry helped shape the course of the nation, and today while the park spreads out over 4,000 acres across West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia, Jefferson County is home to the most significant and preferred points of interest such as John Brown’s Fort.
  • The Appalachian Trail. The 2,100+ mile AT intersects Harper’s Ferry Historic Park in Camp Hill at the trail's midpoint. Roughly 2 million people annually visit and hike the AT in various places, and the Harper’s Ferry Visitors Center is one of the trail’s most popular stops, a designated attraction on the Appalachian Scenic Trail.
  • Jefferson County Parks and Recreation. For visitors and residents alike, the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department is an outstanding asset, managing 7 municipal parks and attractions and a year-round program of events.
  • The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers also played an important role in history; among other events, the battle at Harper’s Ferry was fought at their confluence. Today the two rivers are a refreshing recreational resource for boating, kayaking, rafting, and fishing.

To those historic areas, add in two well-designed golf courses, Locust Hill Golf Course and Cress Creek Country Club, and seven municipal parks that seamlessly integrate natural beauty and recreational amenities, and it is clear why Jefferson County is a favored destination for heritage and outdoor and eco-tourism. And meaningful experiences here correlate with meaningful brand relationships with businesses catering to the sector, such as outdoor outfitters and retailers.


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