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September 21, 2022

Elite Towing & Recovery finds Home in Burr Industrial Park

Kearneysville, W.Va.— The Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA) is pleased to share with the community the welcoming of Elite Towing & Recovery, LLC to Jefferson County’s Burr Industrial Park.

After nine years of service, Elite Towing & Recovery has expanded its office locations into Jefferson County.  Lot 44 of the Burr Industrial Park will soon be home to Elite Towing’s new office building.

With an estimated $475,000 in investment, Elite Towing & Recovery also aims to add to its existing employee roster by creating five new full-time positions.

The establishment of a Jefferson County location affords Elite Towing & Recovery the opportunity to provide residents of Jefferson County with great, reliable, full-service towing. 

  • Elite Towing & Recovery Services:
  • Long distance hauling
  • Short distance hauling
  • Winching
  • Fuel delivery
  • Automotive door unlocks
  • Spare tire installation
  • Battery installation
  • Jumpstarts

Elite Towing & Recovery founder, Matthew Pezzanite, stated, “It is Elite Towing’s hope to become a staple in the Jefferson County community, just like it has in the surrounding areas.  We appreciate the opportunity to work in Jefferson County.”

Elite Towing & Recovery, LLC was founded in 2013 by current-owner Matthew Pezzanite to provide extraordinary, friendly, and full-service towing services to West Virginia motorists.  Since then, it has become the primary choice for light duty service, light duty towing, and battery service in the tri-county area and been awarded the Primary Provider position in Jefferson County, along with AAA’s Primary Provider position for mobile battery service. 


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