Jefferson County, WV Offers Business Opportunity & Quality of Life

November 8, 2017

Looking to move or expand your business into a high-growth, low-tax area with easy highway, rail, and air JCDA Logo With Text 03 2017.jpgaccess to Washington, D.C., and the entire East Coast? Then look no farther than Jefferson County, West Virginia. We have a vibrant business climate, featuring two modern industrial parks, updated infrastructure, an employer-friendly workforce, and a highly rated state university.

Target Industries

Key industries like manufacturing, distribution, information technology, biotechnology, the federal government, and more locate here in Jefferson County. All take advantage of our many assets, incentives, and opportunities, and with building costs and taxes far beneath larger metropolitan areas. 

The information technology infrastructure in Jefferson County has allowed Jefferson Medical Center to be named one of the "most wired" healthcare facilities. "That's a big accolade for us and it connects us with the rest of the world in healthcare," says Neil McLaughlin, Vice President of Operations for WVU Medicine, Jefferson Medical Center and Berkeley Medical Center. 

Randox, an Ireland-based biotechnology company, has located its North American headquarters here. "We're only an hour from Washington, D.C., but at the same time, it's beautiful," says Linda Magee, Human Resources Manager for Randox Laboratories. "We also have access to a lot of higher education institutions here, and the quality of our staff and equipment and that level of education is very important to us."    

Tax Exemptions & Financial Assistance

With numerous state and county tax incentives for businesses as well as project financing through direct loans and issuance of tax-exempt bonds, qualified companies seeking a strong and supportive business community have found a welcoming home in Jefferson County. We take business development very seriously.

"We want to grow this economy. We want our business to thrive and succeed. We want to relocate businesses here," says Eric Lewis, President of the Jefferson County Development Authority Board of Directors.

More Than A Business Location

And once you're here, you'll not only find a great place to do business, but you'll discover living in Jefferson County provides the ideal family experience. Outdoor recreation, inspiring natural beauty, historic and quaint towns, and world-class culture and arts are all within minutes of your home. "In addition to being a wonderful place to grow a business, Jefferson County is an amazing place to live and raise a family," Lewis says. "We get the best of both worlds here. We have the proximity to D.C. and Baltimore, and we also have this wonderful way of life in these small town communities here in Jefferson County."

Jefferson County, West Virginia, brings business opportunity and quality of life together. A great place to live and a great place to work. Watch our latest video to see for yourself or contact our staff to find out more about available properties, expanding your business, or the numerous amenities available in Jefferson County.


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