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Water Services

Jefferson County is well-served by numerous water providers, including Jefferson Utilities (JUI), the Jefferson County Public Service District, the City of Charles Town, and the Corporation of Shepherdstown. Water service rates are set and governed by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia and capacities, connection fees, and consumption rates vary by provider but can save Jefferson County businesses a significant amount of money each year. For example, Jefferson Utilities does not have a capital capacity fee, which results in a savings of as much as $2,676 per domestic equivalency and saving a large water consumer using 100,000 gallons per day $1.7 million in capital capacity fees.

While the City of Charles Town uses water from the Shenandoah River, JUI draws its abundant supply from the aquifer below Jefferson County. JUI has a six million gallon per day capacity with an additional two million gallons per day available from existing wells to accommodate new customers. Its network of 16” transmission mains and two 500,000-gallon storage tanks ensure reliable water service to the county’s business and residential customers.