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DALB, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of printed signage and parts for beverage vending equipment and fountain merchandisers in North America, and just happens to be one of Jefferson County’s business success stories. They serve OEM as well as after-market customers across the US, Canada and Mexico. In addition, DALB prints/manufactures point-of-sale displays, graphics for industrial equipment, and unique proprietary specialized products.

Founded by Lee R. Steeley in 1982, the company remains a family business after Kevin Steeley, President, assumed the role of President and General Manager in 1997. DALB’s customer base includes major soft drink companies across the country and around the world… and that’s where their Jefferson County success story begins.

First, DALB credits Jefferson County for helping the company source its workforce of 155 employees. “The average tenure of our workforce is 14 years,” says Kevin Steeley. “I can’t help but attribute our low turnover to the good people and good work ethic that comes from our Jefferson County, West Virginia employees.”

Second, DALB has found the location of Jefferson County, West Virginia, to be a great location for its business.

DALB services several large customers here in Jefferson County, making it very convenient for them to conduct business. They have also enjoyed the support of the Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA), which had helped the company secure its original loan funding when they started, and later with one of their expansions.

“We’ve felt very supported by the JCDA,” says Kevin Steeley. “The staff members there have always gone to bat for us, and that’s been a key factor in helping our business to expand nine times in the last 33 years. We began with 5,000 sq feet of manufacturing space, and now operate out of our 125,000 square foot facility.”

DALB cites other strengths of Jefferson County as those that businesses typically enjoy here in this area: its proximity to major transportation routes via highway and inland ports, its low property taxes, and its quality of life as compared to larger cities located nearby.

“Thanks to the policies and incentives of Jefferson County, we have plans for expansion in the near future,” says Director of Thermoforming, Brian Steeley, referencing the company’s diversification over the years. DALB has acquired several different capabilities, including a software company that facilitates specialty printing of souvenir-quality concert and sporting event tickets and the company’s expansion into the niche, 3-D thermoforming and distortion printing.

“Doing business in Jefferson County made the expansion and growth of our business possible,” concludes Brian Steeley.